Who's the wom-sang that recommended the recipe for Gambas al ajillo? 

Please take my wo-chu igiyano!

Womad is a radical feminist site, but it also helped me change my diet in a radical way, too. 

Now I rarely eat Korean food (Hansik smells like food waste and hannam). 

I've switched almost completely to eating only western and japanese foods. They are much easier to cook than Korean food, and taste much better. 

Whenever I rarely eat Korean food due to unavoidable circumstances (especially when I'm hanging out with friends and they strongly insist on having Korean food), I always get stomach ache. 

I wish I could get rid of all other parts of Korean dog-pig culture and lifestyle, including the primitive Korean language. (which is why I'm writing in English, the language of my true mother country.) 


All guys are inferior to women.

Their only purpose in life is to carry semen, so they should provide fresh semen while they are young (under 15 would be most preferred), and then all follow Jaggy into the Han river. 

If you are a x', please go kill yourself because you do not deserve to read this.