WOMAD is an online community only for women where women’s rights come before any other rights.
We are here to reconcile with our shared experiences as women. 
We are here to retrieve what is ours from men to create and run matriarchal society. 
We are here to bathe in male tears.
We are here to laugh at male fears and dicks. 
- Educate yourself by reading past posts and threads.
- Objectify men. It is only natural. Have a laugh.
- Keep yourself anonymous.
- Display your ambitions, achievements, and actions.

- Don't bring intersectional baggage (i.e. gender, race, veganism, able-bodyism, PC, etc…).
This includes classifying and/or rating the order of misfortune faced by different groups of women (i.e. coloured vs. white/ able-bodied vs. disabled/ etc, etc). Not only is this unproductive, but it also bamboozles the conversation into women vs. women, rather than women vs. men. In case you did not get the memo: we are not our worst enemies - remember the pricks?
- Don't whine about your misfortunes unless accompanied by constructive solution or will to take action.
- Don't objectify women.
- Don't ask questions on rules/wordings/etc. without looking for them yourself.
- Don't be domineering with wording, grammar, spelling, PCness, etc.
- Don't exhibit relationship status.
- Don't use a passive, pathetic, or apologetic tone. 
- Don't use lovey-dovey lingo either.
- Don't single someone out. Neither friendliness/hostility for particular users are allowed.
- Don't single yourself out. We do not need to know what you said/did before.


#misandrist #feminazi