Original Poem in Korean https://m.womad.life/4014



Boys are vegetables


Teen boys are chili peppers.

Even though they have a pretty color

they are spicy.


20's boys are cucumbers.

They are hard and long,

crisp and fresh.


30's boys are mushrooms.

They are mushy

and tasteless.


40's boys are bean sprouts.

They are limp and weak.

They are beginning to peel off.


50's boys are cabbages.

They pretend to be firm

but easily broken.


60's boys are boiled cabbages.

They are flabby

and folded at random.


70's boys are pickles,

They are no longer vegetables but still pretend to be,

emitting a fermenting odor.


Every single one can't raise my appetite,

they should be mixed,

they should be sliced,

and fried to be eaten.

Boys are vegetables...ggul ggul,,,