The original poem is in Korean and I modified a little.

Satiring the poem of Oisoo Lee, an old literature boy. 

It is so much fun to translate some poems, and also effective to learn delicate expressions.

I recommend everyone to give it a shot. It is great for improving your English igiya



Autumn Leaves


No matter how that slut dressed up colorfully, shakes his balls shamefully, reveals his sluttish attitude,

Don't ever cast a look. He is preparing to jaggy. Remember.

After that slut jaggies, winter comes, you're going to be addicted to stuff the dead sluts with lust for days and days on end.


*jaggy : Die from falling. Originated from the name of the famous manninist, Saint Jaggy.

*No matter how ~ : 아무리 ~해도

*slut: 창남

*balls: 불알

*shamefully: 창피하게, 추잡스럽게

*stuff: 박제하다

*lust: 욕정

*for days and days on end: 날이면 날마다