Of course, All men are disgusting.

Nowdays Crime of Seungri known as K-Pop man Idol is announced. He has commited illegal prostitution. He and his enterprise (Club Burning Sun) also have commited illegal drug rapes. And he has committed sharing Sex tape with his colleague Jung Jun young.

The picture below is evidence of his crime.
refer to those. Seungri acted like pimp.

I translated these:

seungri: Boss, what type of girls do you like? 
his customer: well.. Asian men prefer white skin.
                      So I prefer women having white skin.
                      I want them who look pure or sexy.
seungri: How many girls do you want?
his customer: It’s enough two.

seungri: I think you have to see them before visiting
             Indonesia. what do you think about money?
his customer: Is it a month or once? (meeting them)
seungri: just take them to Indonesia.
his customer: It would be just 2-3days to stay there.
                      so I want ten million won or below.
seungri: Okay. you mean you want ten million won
              per person?

All K-Pop men Idols are same. 
All they are changnom.
(Changnom means Slut in korean)
we are convinced that all these are related to the moon government. It means web cartels. we need your attention.

Tell me if there’s something wrong here.

잘못된 영어 표현이나 창놈에대해 잘못쓴 사실있으면 댓에 알려달라익이야.