we call Korean men Kormale(It’s short for Korean male) or Hannam(It’s just short for Korean men in Korean)

They are always angry when we call them Hannam.
Because they already know they are trash by themself.
Just by calling them so, you can insult them without profanity. you can also use them not only for them but also for men around the world. Use it appropriately depending on the situation.

For example)
You: wow you act like Hannam or Korean men lol
Male (but not Kormale): No I am not.(get Surprised and angry and then start worrying about whether my penis is small like them or not)
Kormale: (gunkwang gunkwang)

*Gunkwang means the sound when Kormale walk. Half of them are abese officially. That’s why their walking sound is very noisy.

Actually, Half of Hannams look like anchovies (Because they don’t have any muscles and very short) or pig.
what they have in common is ugliness. I think you would agree with it strongly if you meet them.
My foreign friend: Wow, How do you know the guy I’ve met?

Or you’ve already met them pitifully..
I’ll pray for your eyes.

what is famous for Kormales is absolutely small penis.
They have 6.9 centimeters when their dicks are not erect officially. but many women know that their penises are actually smaller. we assume it may be 2.9 centimeters.
they are very proud when they have 8 centimeters. sometimes some Kormales lie that it’s 13 or 18 centimeters. Because they have genetic diseases, it’s impossible. So if they insist that, ignore them.
Hannam is the worst but not surprised.

Other fact about them is they reaaaaaaaaaaaaally like Loser pay.

*Loser pay means they force women to pay money when dating. (To be honest, women receive 60% of men’s wage in Korea Lol). In addition, There is another term, dduckchi pay which means women pay money in motel.

they force women to pay money when dating like below

For example)

Kormale: I paid money for dinner so you should buy coffee for me.

Kormale: we should make special deposit for dating. Let’s deposit money here each other. Of course, I will manage this account. can you believe me? (but he must run away with it when breaking up)

If you do not accept the above request
Kormale: (getting unpleasant) Are you kimchinyeo?

*Kimchinyeo: Women who don't satisfy desire of the Kormale for nothing, unlike that Kormale's mother. Those Kormale think those women are the gold digger. If you go to the Starbucks, they'll call you a kimchinyeo. If you have and want some stuff which cannot afford to buy to them, they'll call you a kimchinyeo. If you have some dinner or coffee that offered from them and you don't satisfy their secret sexual desire, they'll you a kimchinyeo. Even if you're not his girlfriend yet. if you want to know about that definition, please refer below comments.

It must be obvious that they are poorer than homeless.

They share your picture and Sex video with friends and evaluate those illegally if you have a date them. It’s completely disgusting. and if you meet them, your talking topic is only experiences which is memories about Korean working holiday.

*Korean working holiday: All healthy males in korea have to go army in 1 year. However, the fact is Korea is protected by US forces but they show off Lol. There is a rumor that man going army has sex with colleagues in there. do not mad at me it’s just a rumor. 

Here’s what we know and have to: To exterminate them

I decided to erase Korean for Readability Sorry