Although calling men, 66men99 is already offensive, why not add some colour. This list may aid you in beating boredom in the art of man-shaming.

Hence calling for all foul-mouthed cunts (aye!) to update our glossary. 

This post attempts to contain all existing list of righteous cusses that need careful study to avoid any misogynistic origin/innuendo.

Any input in defining, overriding, and/or creating the blissful list is much needed.


So far the list is as follows (watch out for overwhelming variations of penis):

1. bastard (refers to a generally shitty man)
66The bastard does not get the hint that I want him to go/see jaggy.99

2. cock (variation of penis)

3. dick (variation of penis)/dickhead (refers to a dumb and annoying man - easily imaginable what adding a dick to a head would do to a person)
66The dickhead actually has a head shaped rather like a dick. What a shame.99 (see pisser)

4. dork (variation of penis/ socially awkward man)
66Only a dork would say that men can smoke openly in public.99

5. father fucker (another term for a generally shitty man, with more aggression)
66That father fucker!99

6. Fuck* - this word deserves discussion: is ‘fuck’ exclusive to penetration?

7. Hannam (term specifically for Korean man; variations include: Kor-Male, Korean Man, Han-Nam, Hahn-Nahm, 한남)
Hannam is the definition of a Korean man with a capital H. What an irony - being such a dick, but without one.

8. langer (variation of penis)

9. Jaggy (term derived from a long history of a regular Korean man named Jaggy Seong, who died of accidentally succeeding in his forged suicide attempt to raise money for misogynistic purposes by jumping off of Mapo Bridge. Hence the term was coined to refer to committing suicide by drowning or generally committing suicide. Funnily enough it is homophone for recovery/comeback. Tenses are: to jaggy, jaggied, jaggying, have jaggied, will jaggy, have been jaggying, etc etc.

10. pisser (variation of penis/ to refer to pity or shame)
66Such a pisser. He did end up going to the Mapo Bridge and attempted to jaggy (see jaggy) - but to no avail.99

11. plonker (variation of penis/ to refer more specifically to a stupid man)
66I saw it coming - that plonker burned the house down from not turning off the stove after cooking. How useless is he as a house husband.99

12. prick (variation of penis/ equivalent to dick)

13. putz (variation of penis/ just another regular old stupid man)

14. scum/scumbag (just another despicable old Joe. Just worth noting due to our special affection for SCUM).

15. shit
66He is just a piece of shit. Not worth your time.99

16. tool (variation of penis/ yet another term for stupid, stupid man)
66He is such a tool. He cannot be serious when he says that men can actually get jobs outside their homes.99

17. weenie/wiener (variation of penis/ term for stupid man who is also boring as hell)
66The wiener spends his time nagging at people about ironing and doing the dishes. He has no life.99


Please comment with your suggestion and input. 


Cheers cunts.