Original post(Korean ver.):



Q1. Does it look pretty?

A1. Male Cave Cricket: NO

     Kormale: NO


Q2. Does it bring joy to people?

A2. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: NO


Q3. Does it prepare its own meal?

A3. Male Cave Cricket: YES

      Kormale: NO


Q4. Does it transfer venereal diseases?

A4. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: YES


Q5. Does it beat up women just because they don't go out with it?

A5. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: YES


Q6. Does it mess up other people's lives?

A6. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: YES


Q7. Does it enforce its wife to act almost like a slave for her parents-in-law?

A7. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: YES


Q8. Does it ask its wife to wash its dirty underpants with skid marks on them?

A8. Male Cave Cricket: NO

      Kormale: YES


I've once felt so bored, so I tried making some comparisons between male cave crickets and kormales.

Surprisingly, I found out that there is NOTHING in which a kormale is better than a male cave cricket.

Now I seldom get surprised when I see a bug because now I know that kormales are much creepier than bugs.