Because I use Korean all the time, that was why my English has not been improved faster than I thought.

I thought I did my best but actually, there were some more points I could do better such as writing more on global board instead of freeboard mainly using Korean in Womad.

Or keep listening to various kinds of English content all the time plus telephone English service. 

I have not yet used this board a lot so I do not know what kind of subjects are allowed here.

This topic focuses on how to improve my English to abandon S.Korea which does not respect women.

I hope this topic is allowed to be on this board.


About a year ago, a woman who took a picture of a naked man lying on the table who made other people uncomfortable because of his nudity.

She did it because she was so mad at his being so rude and inappropriate behavior, which means his being intentionally naked in front of other females who showed uneasy and anxious because of his irrational behavior.


Women around him asked several times for him to wear clothes, but he constantly ignored.

So the women had no choice but to take his picture to mock him in the internet community which guarantees the uploader's privacy.

However, the police investigated harshly and severely and quickly, unlike other similar crimes whose victims were women by male criminals.

So the police arrested her with only her testimony that she took the picture of his nudity.

Even though it was breaking the law, they arrested her without physical evidence such as the mobile phone she took the picture of him by to support the story.


More shockingly, yesterday the same crime happened but this time the police and the newspapers seem so indifferent.

Keyword related to this crime is not popular in SNS, unlike the event I wrote above.

Because the victim was a female, it was one of the common misogyny crimes happening every day or every minute.


The reason I want to improve my English is of course for my own improvement, but there is one more important reason such as revealing how disgusting S.Korea is in the way it abuses women mentally, socially, physically, economically, and politically.


Women in this country started to stop to get married, give birth and immigrate to other countries.

This is not my country. I hate this country. 

There is an old saying in S.Korea that when women get furious, they change even the weather completely.  

Similar English saying would be 

Woman's vengeance knows no bounds.


See there would not be any bounds to our anger towards this male-oriented country.










when he was asked to dress properly 

[일반] Racist motivation is considered by Swedish law to be an aggravating circumstance.듣기 Source:Hansard