Recently, we have seen many TV programs that many companies and organizations lead to produce an excessive advertisement to increase their profits. As you know, our television provide us with various benefits as well as harmful aspects either. However, no matter how to maintain your daily life that doesn’t contain activities  such as watching TV, you couldn’t block negative influence given by TV shows. There are some specific reasons why we should stop watching the reality TV shows. 

First of all, the reality shows inflict a harmful effect on women’s sexual objectification. For a long time, men has desired women’s body, and also took their power to make man’s own world. It reveals in the reality shows, which some men makes fun of an ugly woman, and then it is spread over society through many anonymous viewers. Admiring women’s beauty and disgusting women’s ugly appearances had made misogyny before feminism rose. 

Second effect is that it is easier for some politician who has particular idea to make an advertisement with propaganda. They sometimes appeal themselves into the broadcast; furthermore, they pretend to be familiar with many people. In the case, their hidden thought is behind viewer’s eyes. This structure can be easier to choose a particular group of politician without consideration. 

Finally, the company lead some customers to buy their items even though she or he doesn’t need to purchase them. It is obviously a kind of mocking about their stupid consumers. If you are confused to judge whether you choose it or not, you couldn’t consider what you really need. I believe that no one would purchase any items after seeing an ad in the website "WOMAD", which is formed by some smart women; however, if you are lain by these tricks, you are the same person as a Korean male.

In conclusion, we should improve our insight that we are not cheated by these tricks anymore. I would have never accessed these programs that is probably made for mocking viewers. Especially, these programs are mostly created in South Korea, which many women is known as “sex slave” or “just slave”. 

I wrote it down because it is my homework.
However, I have to write it only in 10 to 12 sentences.

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