An austrailian male doctor was found guilty of professional misconduct for misogyny comments towards a female making disparaging remarks about servicemen which means a military army.

People are blame for his comments and he was found guilty.

This is a lecture of english journal.
A good teacher helps us to understand clearly why he was found guilty of professional misconduct.

Shortly, the reason was his misogyny comments.

Even though, a woman made disparaging remarks about servicemen. His making misogyny comments towards her is unforgivable. Anyway his comments made him being found guilty.

Also, if it happened in South Korea, I am for sure that he will not be found guilty of his misogyny comments. Instead of it, people would thank him for his making misogyny comments towards her.

So, if you plan to visit S.Korea, please do not for your own safety. This country do not respect woman at all.