I'm saying that in my point, the 6absence9 of Masculinity includes Western(white, black) and Asian(in the meaning of continent.)
It's so clear that men have been clumsy in evolution.
They-men- lost their way to follow; they are being more ugly in every generation they've granted.
They failled in this sequence of survival.
Most of the Women choose to be smaller and weak to fit their ^men^.
But more they try to lose themselves, the more they get disappeared, in the meaning of both presence and inner mind.
Weak women stick to their ^Men^ who have no Masculinity at all.
On the other hand, fortunately for the entire system of Earth, strong women are awakening and they are not giving away their rights
to be themselves. And more surprisingly, they are influencing the other 6weak9 women so that they can be themselves again, or for the first time in their life.
So don't give up. It's just the beginning of our route for the victory.