I saw the incident that Korean transgenders were prostituted in the past, and I think it is very terrible. Rather than the fact that there are so many transgenders who are working as a prostitute in South Korea, I was shocked about people’s responses when the incident like that floated over the surface of society. They are not women; nevertheless, numerous vicious comments were criticizing about only women. Can you find out the woman in middle of the incident? I don’t. Furthermore, some comments assumed themselves as a person who is in favour of the transgender’s issue by indicating the transgenders as a ’normal’ transgender.

Another problem is the transgenders. All of them are MtF, and the opposite doesn’t appear into the market of BJ. In addition, they sell ’a man’s social femininity’ sexuality. If you know the distribution structure that women’s bodies are sold as a product for men regardless of involving their will, you cannot use the word, such as ‘a street girl,’ ‘bitch’ and ’sex worker.’ Those structure form a big market, underestimating women and girl as a sex-toy.

I felt like the transgenders have been destroying the femininity and also, most of people are still disgusted about a prostitute. In my opinion, disgusting a prostitute isn’t able to break the distribute structure of prostitution at all when I see the problem in broad prospective. Most people who criticized the transgender seem to ignore the fact that the transgender isn’t a woman on purpose so that they are going to be mocking a women rather than a man.

I tried to point out the problem of transgenders. 
If you discover grammatical mistakes, plz let me know.