My parents was born in 1960s. It has not developed the ideas for feminism yet, especially in South Korea. Unlike USA, which had developed the second wave feminism since twenty  century, Korean women had to be forced their traditional femininity depended on the patriarchy. At that time, women couldn’t not only cut their hair but also wear the short skirt. The government examined women whenever women worn the closes disclosed their bodies. There was no free speech for women. If a woman was raped by a man, the women had to be married by the man like animal. My mother wasn’t able to yell their freedom, it was also the same problem as other women. 

By 1990, there are numerous hate speech against women over the internet. With the popularization of the internet, many women have been suffering from hate speech, cyber crime, and the pornography based on women’s sexual objectification. Some Korean men uploaded the picture of women’s bodies taken in public areas over the internet, and the government has ignored those cyber crimes for years. 

This phenomenon can be explained Korean men have colonial masculinities since the realm, which had existed in Korea before, has been conquered by other countries. While some women was struggling against the misogyny of Korea, another women were married because they couldn’t stand the reality that women had to be suffocated by Korean men’s colonial masculinity leaded to ignore their bad habitual behaviours, even their crime. 

However, the change occurred dramatically. Since 2000s, women was finally able to follow their mother’s last name. And in 2015, a website for Korean women was born suddenly into this misogynistic culture. After that, Korean women can awake their eye from their ignorance; furthermore, they recognized they have to struggle with some Korean men without deceiving themselves through being married with fucking Korean men.