Do you think that the optimism only will be changing something positively in the world? If so, your opinion is different from mine. I don’t think optimism affects a lot of thing positively. 

Sometimes, thinking negatively is helpful for us. 
 One of the clearest ways to see the differences between the two is to analyze the ways optimists and pessimists think of events happened. When something bad happens, two people think about different things completely. According to research, optimists tend to see the event as a single occurrence that doesn’t affect other areas of their lives. In other hands, pessimists tend to look at the event as a circumstance that is linked to other events. That is, the negative thinking does not exist as a single only. The more you think of negative things, the more you need to think about things related to the essential fact. 

 One example of pessimism is a reaction that she or he shows when they failed an exam. Most people think that she or he gives up their exam that they have been studying for a few months. They, however, are more likely to try to another exam repeatedly. Why? The reason why they are willing to attempt to take another test even if they had the experience of a failure is because they already set up their goals and understood their situation. Since recognizing the result negatively is a synonym with absorbing the plain fact, The ability that can recognize the negative result is significant for people to advance toward the future. For example, when you had failed before you started something, you feel like you stand on a crossroad that must choose between positive thinking and negative thinking. If you chose a positive thinking, you would be calm down right now.  This, however, is just a momentary feeling. After that, the vast depressions overwhelmed you because thinking always causes the circumstances like the frame of a sieve. 
 While a person are trying to think about his or her failure positively, pessimists just receive it. For example, ‘it is a failure.’ That is simple, but thinking in this way leads to the enormous effects. Once he or she receives their failure, they are more likely to make other plans that couldn’t fail the next turn. On the other hands, thinking positively makes people postpone doing their duty because it is easy to be responsibility they must succeed in taking the next test. 

 The point I’m going to say is just the ways of thinking. Thinking negatively and recognizing their situation lead people to do it without thinking. Because they’ve failed at once, they must have not wanted to experience another failure again. The best way we can do when we failed is to do the next things without consideration. Just do it. 
 In conclusion, behaviour is more important than thought. Negative thought, as a result, can be a propulsive force that people start doing their duty again. It can easily covert itself to behaviour. 


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