What is the "gender"? How many things are? You know, gender is generally divided in two - a man, and a woman. It is general knowledge that everyone know while they are growing. However, there are other people who recognize themselves to have outrageous genders. People call them as a transgender. I didn’t understand what is the transgender and also why some people don’t identify themselves as women or men normally. Not surprisingly, I’m still not able to think that they are really “transgender.” The transgender is a false concept that people identified themselves. There are many reasons why I think about that. I can explain why transgender doesn’t exist in the world. 

 The word ‘transgender’ indicates people whose gender doesn’t related to their birth sex. Some people have argued several times that the transgenders have an extra sex and it definitely exists in the world. On the other hands, the extra sex is an imaginary idea that some people created in order to fulfill their broken self-esteem. When people were young, the children need to be influenced positively from the circumstance around them. Some people were growing by receiving love from their parents properly, but some people don’t.

I believe that transgenders are more likely to be growing without high self-esteem and they are less likely to identify themselves as a social member than other people.

Furthermore, I think that these ideas have developed since the population increased by geometrical progression due to the end of the world war 2. The population increased suddenly, so many people formed their family. Many family had to raise their children. Through the process, some people have low self-esteem and also they tried to figure out something that they could fulfill instead of parents’ love while they were growing. 

Another factor that created the word ‘transgender’ is numerous markets that lead people to consume their money. Capitalism noticed that some people are starving for the substitution. It, therefore, leads people to buy the product depended on transgenderism as if many business launched it “for them.”

I am trying to write the essay about transgenders, but I stopped writing it with two paragraphs only because I have no ideas. 

If you see any grammatical mistakes, you can teach me that. Also, I request you to suggest the content if you have any ideas about this topic.