I don't have fun with people. One or twice a month is enough for me.

I know how to do small talk, introduce myself or break the ice at a party... It's easy to understand my role at the moment and do it.

The problem is I don't want to do it anymore. in my free time Other people's information is not my concern anymore. So these days I'm very passive in a relationship with people. 

Hypothetically even there's a botophia for us, I'm not sure I can mingle with people. I think I'm isolating myself from others.

Yesterday before washing my face and going to bed, I put some makeup on myself for a new appearance(It's been an age)

I'm already uncomfortable to have an intention to be looked nice, better or beautiful to others.

I've been studying something and have known some people. But they don't give me big pleasure. 

My study is going well, but if I can enjoy being in people of this area, my study and life will be convenient. Perhaps I feel lonely.