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얼마전에 global 유저관련 건의글을 보고 해외 랟펨들과 해외 사람들에게 

한남의 좆병신같은 여혐방식을 알려보자고 안되는 영어실력으로 영작해보았노

좆팔 시간 좆나많이 걸리노. 나름 최대한 여기저기 검색해가며 짜맞췄는데

의사소통에 문제가 없는지 크게 문법적으로 하자가 없는지 해외년들 대충이라도 봐줘라 이기야. 

원치않게도 좆국에서 한발짝도 안나가본 좆국어 네이티브에 

좆국 영어시간엔 문법을 좆나게 싫어했어서 뭐가 틀렸는지 셀프교정이 힘드노. 



Most of Korean mens are 꽁치남, 최저가부장제. 




Cheap sex digger

japanese- 割(り)勘 男 (けち男)

chinese- 铁公鸡男人(一毛不拔男人)




Cheapest price Patriarchy

japanese- 最安値の 家父長制

chinese- 最低价的 家长制


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* If you wanna understand for 꽁치남, 최저가부장제
read "Seven ways of korean man's peculiar misogyny"


한남벌레싸개들의 七거지惡 (일곱유형의 거지악행)
Seven ways of korean man's peculiar misogyny


1. Korean pay (Korean: 한남페이, 더치페이)

Request to pay bills fifty-fifty when korean man have a date with a woman and he eats a lot more. 



2. 떡치페이 (형제어; 반반애무)

* Pay motel bills fifty-fifty (Korean: 떡치페이)
Pay motel(Absolutely most korean man do not going
hotel cause they think costs is high.)
bills fifty-fifty when korean man sex with women. 



* Fifty-fifty petting (Korean: 반반애무)


And korean man insist Fifty-fifty petting, even though

korean man's petting is not good(or no orgasm) for woman ,

( Most of korean womens can not get a orgasm while sex with Korean men because of their small penis

(Average Erect Penis Size of korean man is 6.9cm (2.716535 in))

and terrible sexual skills  just like incel.

But they think themselves extremely very good at sex.

In addition, most korean men are reluctant to use condoms, (Refer to https://womad.life/245957 )

reason of not fit on their tiny dicks and they think will not be possible to get a orgasm while put on that.)

but they ask fellatio,penetrative sex. acting like porn actress. 

(Most of korean mens hate cunnilingus)

They do not think those actings are rape. 



3. Fifty-fifty small wedding (Korean: 반반결혼, 반반망혼, 스몰웨딩, 셀프웨딩, 수모웨딩)

Pay wedding costs Fifty-fifty,

( Some korean man include also pay Wedding ring cost Fifty-fifty.

After wedding, korean man insist  dual-income to their wife. They think

that is financially fair even though gender wage gap, Sex discrimination in job opportunities for women.

Some korean men push for earn same like his wage to wife. ) 

But only to womens have an obligation to  domestic chores,

delivery(birth), infant care, upbringing child,  

filial duty for parents-in-law (cooking food for parents-in-law's ancestral rites, call to parents-in

law regularly etc.)


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-Typical korean wedding rings size are

3부 다이아(Diamond 0.25 ct-0.33 ct)

1부 다이아(Diamond 0.10ct)

참깨다이아 (Sesame seed diamond= similar 0.01 ct )



Korean Public Advertisement for Thrifty Wedding 



4. 꽁씹싸튀 

Free sex, No Duty(liability) for Venereal

disease, Contraception.



5. Date account (Korean: 데이트 통장, 커플통장)

= Saving for date.

Some korean bank has related to open a date account service for courting couple .

Even though save up money with his date partner,(Most Korean man push for go fifty-fifty)

korean man put that in his name or disguise his own thing when use debit

card (date account debit card) at date. 


Refer to 




search word

국민은행 짝꿍통장




6. Coffee Smishing (coffee smith+smishing)  (Korean: 커피스미싱)


"Give(pay) back everything I bought for you!"

"(사귈때) 내가 사준거 다 내놔!" 

Typical Koren man insist woman should repay to him the money

(for example, received present (price), cost for date)after break up. 

Here is really occurred incident in korea.

One korean man who was cafe owner and that cafe name is coffee smith. (커피스미스)

He was threaten to ex girlfriend because of pay back for cost of dating and present.

(But that korean man repaid more than he was gave)



7. Consume policing (Korean: 컨숨폴리싱)


Censoring woman's consumption.

Korean man assert woman should live frugally.

Women should not waste money for coffee, dessert, pasta,

Chanel(and alike Ferragamo, Gucci, Frida brand goods.) bag etc.

But koren man spend lot of money for prostitution. 

If you wanna understand for more about Korean man's consume policing

Refer to search word "김치녀" "된장녀" (Korean men's misogyny words)




오빠 Oppa

That word "Oppa" has some connotations connected with pedophilia and prostitution.

In its basic meaning, oppa is a woman's elder brother.

However, a typical korean man insists to be called oppa by his girlfriend or in some cases by his wife.

It gives them the feeling that she is obedient to him like his younger sister.

(In traditional Korean family, sisters are requested to obey her elder brother.)

For that reason korean prostitutes commonly use the word Oppa to her customers.