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 pay motel bills fifty-fifty 



이들은 연인입니다 
 They are courting couple.



서로사랑하는 이들은 주말마다 모텔에 갑니다
 They are love each other so going motel every weekend.
 互いを愛し合う二人は 毎週末ラブホに行きます。




늘 모텔비를 계산하는 남자에게
 He always paid motel bills by himself, 





은근한 부담이 됩니다
 that cost was burden for him. 




6만원이라는 작지만 (팩트; 한국평균 모텔료 2만원)
 Motel cost 60 dollars, (fact; average korean motel costs is 20 dollars)
 6千円、小さな金額だけど (fact : 韓国の平均ラブホ代は2千円)





떨리는 남자의손 
 but his hand is nervous for the cost. 





이제는 우리가 실천해야 할 때 입니다 
 Now, we must to fulfill for 





Pay motel bills fifty-fifty




그 작은 무엇하나도 놓칠수 없습니다 
 We can not miss for that little things. 


 **Translation of pic: Disposable supplies set (include condoms) cost is 1 dollar. 
 ** 動画の説明 : 使い捨てセット(ゴム ¥100)




오백원과 오백원이 만나 더 행복해지는 우리들
We become more happily with pay Disposable supplies set (include condoms) cost Fifty-fifty.


**  Explain about pic: Pay Disposable supplies set (include condoms) cost half dollar each. 
The Coins in pictures  = 오백원= a half dollar

**  動画の内容 : 使い捨てセット(ゴム ¥100)を割り勘するシーン


Refer to  https://youtu.be/RfSjseAAjXM

Search word  떡치페이 (a.k.a 모텔비 반반,모텔비 더치, 모텔비 더치페이, 텔비더치, 텔비반반) 



Shockingly, Many Korean mens were agreed.